Friday, August 14, 2009

Goodbye Iceland

I have like no time to write this, but I wanted to say something on my last night in Iceland!

These 9 weeks have gone incredibly slow, yet somehow really fast... funny how that works isn't it. I can't say I've been very creatively productive, but I have been very busy. I learned how to drive, I earned me some money (which disappeared when I went to exchange my ISKs into GBPs today at the bank) and gave blood for the first time.

I did do one photo shoot a couple days ago with a lovely young lady, but I'm not going to post anything on here until I have edited all the photos I liked, and had my films developed. I'm pretty happy with them though, and I hope people will enjoy them. My biggest worry is that the films won't look good, as I do have NINE to process. Basically, I have a whole mountain to show when I get within the proximity of a scanner. I can't tell you how much I appreciate that thing right now....

As a farewell to Iceland, I went to the hairdressers to get the mess on my head sorted, and here is the result:

It still looks true to form in it's mane-like manner, but more polished and, well, less rooty. The smell of toner is sure to stay with me for at least a week.

Here's what's left of my farewell sweets. I am not going to miss them one bit, as I've eaten nothing but sugar whilst here.

Really really have to stop writing now... I have only 6 hours until I begin my journey back, and I haven't actually started packing....

(Sorry about the poor speedy grammar.)

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