Wednesday, January 28, 2009

old old oldies

I have spent all day going through what seems like thousands of photos (probably about 1.500), to sort out as part of organising myself, and organising what to go into my portfolio. There were a lot of pointless snaps, which are still very dear to me, and although they obviously can't go into my 'good' folio, I am really tempted to make a little book of them to keep on the side. They look so much less special now that they're on the internet - I think I'm the only one that understands them, and I kind of like that. I am going to make my portfolio so good that they cannot possibly reject me again.

Rediscovered this gem in my's possibly my favourite vintage photo, the sheer absurdity... the female is my great aunt who recently passed, she was a very special lady indeed. I don't know who the groping gent is..

And finally,This is a really old photo I took of Nuala when I was first starting out in photography. Well, it's not really that old, maybe 2yrs. I think the photos from this shoot might still be some of my best could have something to do with having done the processing and printing myself in a nice little darkroom. It allowed me to be so much more creative. Getting your photos done at Boots is very..hit and miss, let's say. There are a couple more from this shoot here.

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