Tuesday, February 3, 2009

g l a m

London pix:
I was definitely expecting to be more productive in my stay in London, as I had taken all my camera equipment with me. I stayed for nearly a week, and never took more than these snapshots. Big disappointment but it was my own fault, I wasn't really anticipating that everyone would be so busy, I forget that other people actually do productive things with their days! This has, however, prompted me to be more thorough next time round, I must plan everything properly.

I took some photos of Nuala the other day, the first using my new cheeeap studio lights! They looked great on the little camera screen, but they seem to be a bit too over exposed, and I'm finding it difficult to edit them in a way that they won't look tacky. I'm trying though, and I'll post the finished result.

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  1. I like your pictures, sometimes little is better than a lot :)