Friday, July 24, 2009

Cats and Crafts

I have had the pleasure of babysitting two pretty cats for a few days, and as I am all lonely here in Iceland and a big sucker for kitties..I am very much enjoying it. I can safely say I'm doing a much better job than I did with my cat that I had as a 10 year old.

Been super busy otherwise with work, learning how to drive (passed my theory yesterday thank you very much), and some attempted prop making. I have been abusing the photocopier we have at work, and have decided that that is a machine that is a complete MUST in my future studio. I could photocopy all day long. I don't really know what will become of my props, but lets just say it involves lush colours, 3D shapes and some good healthy abstraction.



Also, in the Icelandic spirit of things, here is one of my all time favourite song, Ammæli by Sykurmolarnir (Sugarcubes). The English version of this is obviously what made Björk famous, but that one isn't nearly as beautiful...this is how it should be.

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