Friday, July 10, 2009

Cold Land Ramblings and Inspirations

I've been in Iceland for 4 weeks now exactly, and all I want to do is go home. I've been taking a few snapshots and currently have 5 films awaiting development, but despite the economic crash, getting this done isn't going to be cheap at all. So.. I'm currently racking my brain over whether to wait, or just go for it, with a blow to my wallet. Is it really worth it for a few snaps? I'm inclined to think so...

Anyway, I've been searching for some inspiration and visual stimulation to ease my homesickness, and here are a couple of photographers who's work I've fallen in love with.

Jonathan Leder:

His body of work really struck me as being wildly cinematic and full of drama or pretense. This is completely different to the way I work now, but reminds me of how I first wanted my photos to come across. I am in no way saying I'm over it, in fact..this is what is missing in my work today. Also, I don't think you can miss the clear sexual message Leder wants to portray. There seems to be a very clear theme throughout his portfolio indeed. Really love it.

Mikael Dahl

These photos are on the other hand a lot more simplistic, and stylised, which is a lot closer to the way I take photos today. Form, abstraction and composition seem to be his strong assets, and they work to produce some really gorgeous imagery. I'd like more variety though.. just sayin'.

Super super nice.

Last, but not least, my good friend Dale Marshall:

Recently I've been so impressed by Dale's work, and I just love looking at it. I guess it's because he takes photos for his own pleasure, and his work is a documentation of his everyday life and not a product of meticulously thought out shoots. Naturally gracing the imagery are his girlfriend and friends, and the thriving London scene in which he surrounds himself. I'm really excited to see what comes next, and I hope he continues to picture his life...despite heavy costs!

You must also view his shared blog Gute Luft, which I've already rambled on about before.

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