Saturday, May 2, 2009

Chan Marshall

Cat Power is probably my favourite lady in question. Recently (for a while actually), I've been going backwards, listening to all the old music I used to listen to years ago, and remembering how much I love it. Miss Marshall is a bit of an odd one out for me because her music is just so intense and emotional..but her voice is just so amazing. Her persona is interesting a character from a low budget indie film about crazy self destructive but lovable teens.

I have also been lusting over fingerless leather gloves like she's wearing above ^ but where could I get such a pair? Ebay only conjures up cheap looking versions, and internet shopping is too complicated for someone like me.

Anyway, I desperately need to get back in the photography game..I have been far less than active recently, to say the least. I can't tell why... I have ideas, the time, and willing models. No excuse! I promise I'll get on it.

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