Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Went to the zoo the other day, and took my trusty Minolta with me. Well, I finally have a bag that's big enough to carry the brick. This means it can now come with me everywhere, and I've promised myself to start taking photos more regularly of anything interesting I see.

Anyway, the zoo..was fun, had a really nice day in the rain/sun/rain/sun. It was a well overdue trip since our overriduculouslyexpensive venture to the aquarium last year. I'd say the zoo beat the aquarium hands down. I mean, you actually had a pretty impressive aquarium within the zoo, and it was cheaper (although not by a lot).

Also, if anyone knows anything about why the image quality sucks this bad on blogspot, please tell me how I fix it. My scans look horrible on here.

...aaand ginger pig for Jesse! ^

On another note, I rather impulsively decided to head on down to Iceland for a couple of months to work and learn how to drive (finally) in the summer, so hopefully I'll have some spare time to take photos too. The summers in Iceland are so perfect for me, the weather is beautiful and it's just the right temperature. Although, I'm not sure everyone would agree.

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