Thursday, May 7, 2009

I just wanted to share a few examples of old illustrations/paintings that I did before deciding photography was to be more important.

I don't draw or paint anymore, ever really. This is a shame for many reasons, but mostly because it makes me look pretty stupid for just giving up like that. I mean, I used to draw constantly up to the age of about 17, and now that drive is just totally gone. Sometimes I look at what I've done and feel like it could really go in some interesting directions..and then I remember how frustrating I find the whole process and I've already given up. And that's what I really love about photography.. it's so forgiving and you can be as meticulous or free as you wish. Not that you can't be with drawing or painting..but it's probably more that I like to let myself mess up when it comes to photography. Makes it personal without looking like shit. Well, for the most part anyways!

So, I still have this fantasy in the back of my head that I will start drawing, and god forbid, even painting again..but instead of making me angry and frustrated, it will make me happy once again. Dream on Lazy.

I have a couple of films I'm getting developed this week that are very experimental. I have no idea what they'll be like, which is exciting and scary at the same time! I'm just hoping I'll have something to work with.

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