Wednesday, February 18, 2009

So who's got problems?

Found this book today, which I bought for a generous 5p at salvation army! It's filled with awful make up tips and bad photo effects, but that's exactly the sort of thing I look for in a book I bought for nothing.

This dress looks amazing! ^

I found a fair few other books today on mine and Dales big charity shop hunt, and I'll post the images from them onto Guteluft later on. You should check it out anyway, it's constantly being updated, and it is of course the most interesting blog around.

I have been shooting so much lately, and I haven't had much time off to finish my I'm not going to post them until everything is done, which will take a while. It's been completely exhausting, but will hopefully be worth it when I'm done, and when I get my films back. I'm hoping to be way more active from now on as I'm more driven, and finally have some amazing creative people to work with in this ghost town.

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