Saturday, February 21, 2009


Had two evening shoots last week with a very beautiful Grecian!

For the first shoot I wanted to carry on with the theme of my previous one with Nuala, using the 'pop' element..but I guess it didn't quite go to plan. I came unprepared, and even forgot to charge my camera. I thankfully got to borrow a lovely Nikon off Amy's boyfriend, (which made a nice sound when I clicked the shutter). The quality was really good, but I'm not too happy with my editing, I just couldn't get it right. I do still like them, and Amy did a great job..posing through the cardboard was difficult and uncomfortable, but it doesn't show in the pictures at all.

The second shoot took place in a studio that a friend of ours Jesse rents in the centre of Cambridge. It's really spacious, and the whole building is filled with little treasures everywhere that would be really good to use in shoots. I began with an idea in my head that I ended up scrapping completely, and went with something sponteneous using the glass beads that Jesse had bought to use in her designs. I like them, they are light hearted and simple, which is nice when I've been exhausting myself with complicated ideas.

Me and Jesse have so many ideas for shoots, so I hope I'm going to be this busy for a while to come..I'm feeling very inspired at the moment.

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